Previews allows you to preview any repository reference, such as a branch, pull request or specific commit.

Use the GitHub bot to automatically comment on pull requests with the preview URL!

All preview URLs are not indexable by search engine bots.

Default domain

When using the default domain, append the reference to the repository section of the URL using the ~ character, for example:

// Branch ("next")

// Pull Request (#48)

// Commit (SHA256)

Custom Domain

When using a custom domain (e.g., provide the reference as the first URL path prefixed with the ~ character, for example:

// Branch ("next")

// Pull Request (#48)

// Commit (SHA256)


If a reference (such as a branch) contains a special character (such as a forward slash), the reference should be URL encoded to ensure the reference doesn't conflict with the URL. For example with a branch named "@team/next":

// Default domain

Local Preview Mode now also supports previewing docs on your local machine, with a hot reload feature.

No local software installations are required. All you need is a directory on your machine with at least a docs subdirectory, and a file docs/index.mdx as usual.

Then navigate to and select this directory, allow permissions and should do the rest!