Learn how to run docs.page locally and help contribute to the project.

Running locally#

Firstly, fork the https://github.com/invertase/docs.page repository. Once forked, clone the repository locally:

git clone git@github.com:invertase/docs.page.git

Within the directory, install the projects dependencies with NPM/Yarn:

npm install
# or

Before running, you must add a GitHub personal access token as an environment variable. This token allows API calls to be made via GitHub. Create a .env file at the root of the project:


You can create a new token on your GitHub settings.

Now run the project:

npm run dev


Aside from the projects homepage, all requests are sent via the src/pages/[owner]/[name]/[[...slug]].tsx file. If production a cached version of the statically generated HTML output will be served, or created then cached. In development however, the page is built on each request. Therefore load times might seem a bit slower than expected.

Learn more about this at Next.js.

Each request is sent via the getStaticProps function, which performs a number of tasks:

  • Extracting the expected GitHub repository from the request.
  • Extracting, or fetching the GitHub reference for the request.
  • Identifying whether the reference is a reference (pull request, branch, commit).
  • Fetching the contents of the page via the GitHub API.
  • Transforming the page content into MDX.
  • Handling errors, such as render problems or 404 requests.