Each time a documentation page is accessed, will attempt to serve a static version of the page to improve performance. If the page has never been accessed before (or a new deployment has invalidated the cache), users will be shown an initial loading page whilst the content is fetched. Subsequent visits to the page will show the cached content.

If the content is older than 30 seconds old, the page will be regenerated in the background and future requests will use the newly generated page.

Read more about this on the Next.js documentation.

Since supports any GitHub repository it is not possible to pre-render every documentation page at build time. Instead we ask that if you wish to enable pre-rendering for your repository you explicitly define the repository to enable pre-rendering.

Enabling pre-rendering#

Create a pull request to add your repository to the repositories.json file on the repository.

Once merged, all .mdx files within the repositories docs/ directory will be scanned and the page will be pre-rendered.